1) Tips! DSLR Camera Sensor Cleaning-
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2) Tips ! on Maintaining Waterproof Camera,
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3) World’s First Waterproof Camera Group Test
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4) Why sometime having white spots on image when taken indoor photograph with flash?
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5) How does a fungus grow on a lens?
Fungus is a parasitic spore that travels in the air and can enter and settle inside cameras and lenses, which are not airtight. Its growth is encouraged by humidity, high temperatures, and environments that are dark and unventilated.

How can I prevent fungus from growing on my lens?
The possibility of fungus growth can be minimized by storing the equipment in well-lit and well-ventilated environments with moderate temperatures and low humidity within 40 ~ 45% RH. We recommend removing equipment from carrying cases during storage and not storing cameras or lenses with clothing.

Should fungus growth occur what does service centre do to repair/clean the lens?
In general, Service centre can clean fungus from lenses if the growth hasn’t become well-established. There is no set repair price because sometimes only a simple external cleaning will do the job. However, internal fungus growth requires disassembly and possibly the replacement of some parts. Additionally, since fungus secretes acids that can etch glass, a lens element may be ruined even if the fungus itself can be cleaned away. The only solution for this is to replace the element, which can be expensive.

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