Terms & Conditions of Service

1. A charges of RM20 – RM40 imposed to set not repair after an inspection / estimation.

2. The repair receipt must be produced when claiming article(s). The Company reserves the right to refuse delivery if the receipt is lost.

3. The Company accepts the article(s), with understanding that it will undertake, whatever repairs and replacement if defective parts that are necessary and charge of these at the company’s current price.

4. All part(s) repaired / replaced are not returnable nor exchangable.

5. Cleaning or repairing of optical elements such as lenses, filters, etc., will only be undertaken with the express understanding that such work is carried out entirely at customer’s risk and that The Company will not be held responsible for defects in coating or glass surface.

6. The Company reserves the right to return unrepaired, such article(s) which, after examination, are found to be unserviceable due to unavailability of part(s) or such other reason which does not enable the article(s) to be repaired. The cost of repair may vary after examination by our authorized service centre.

7. Article(s) remaining uncollected or unclaimed six (6) months from the above date of receipt shall be forfeited and The Company shall have an absolute power of sale and disposal over said article(s) and shall further be entitled to retain absolutely for itself the full proceeds of any sale without having to account for or atone for such proceeds to the client whatsoever.

8. The Company is not responsible for any hardware and data loss or damage due to contigencies beyond its control.

9. The Company cannot give definite time for completion of the repairs until the article(s) are examined by our authorized service centre. At time given is mere estimate only.

10. The Company will undertake any further repair necessary if the first repair is not completed satisfactory, provided the article(s) returned within one (1) week from the date of collection. This however excludes any additional charges of part(s) which may required.

Above items is guaranteed under normal use for ninety days (JVC products 30 days) from the date of collection by/return to the customer against defective labour and new parts only.