Camcare has been recognized and rated by Panasonic Malaysia as an innovative and resourceful service management company; spearheading with IT base online repair monitoring system and a neat and clean working environment.  In mid 2012, Camcare is officially appointed to become a Panasonic Authorised Service Centre in Kuala Lumpur and the first Lumix Authorised Service Centre that will specialize in repair services for the Lumix camcorder and lenses, we are also authorised service centre for AV products and Home appliances.


Equipped and trained by Panasonic , we are confident to meet the repair and calibration standards of the industry and to be able to restore your camera, camcorder, lenses, AV products and HA products to its optimum manufacture performance as intended by the manufacturer. To top it off, we at Camcare also receive the privilege of product support and preferred access to repair parts, thus ensuring repair efficiency and timely delivery.





At Camcare, customers are able to enjoy pick-up and delivery services for their camera, camcorder and lense repair sets; a value-added service and privilege that are made available for Panasonic’s key dealers and also our very own dealers.

Our customers are also able to enjoy more flexible repair prices because we are able to provide them with repair and alternative parts for repair parts of models that have been terminated (T& C Applicable).

Our online system provides a function that meets requests for quotations effectively.  Just click into our Quotation Checker to receive a rough estimate for your repair cost.

Should you need any briefs, talks, or seminar related to camera, camcorder and lenses; we are more than ready to provide and to hold a session in our learning centre. We at Camcare are ever at your service.