Our Team

One of the core assets of our company is our people. We are committed to develop our people by nurturing professional growth and enhancing interpersonal relationships. Our commitment to nurture our people is evident in the deployment of regular professional training and team building activities which are aimed at empowering them to excel in their respective roles.

Our Technicians

Our strong team of technicians are professionally trained to handle a myriad of brands and models. Apart from equipping them via in-house trainings, we also encourage our technicians to participate in external workshops in order to gain new insights and receive updates on the latest best practices in the market.


Our Support Staff

While much is said of our team of savvy technicians; no less should be mentioned of our excellent front desk staff who are dedicated to give our customers the highest level of professional support. Satisfied customers have constantly shared about their positive experiences with Cam Care. Alternatively, if we have let you down in any way, do tell us about it. We are committed to treating complaints promptly and resolving them as fairly as possible.

Our Despatch Team

Apart from our in-house staff, we also have a responsible despatch team who ensures all delivery of items reaches you safely and promptly!

Our Team Work

Besides encouraging skills and individual performance, we also place great emphasis in team work. Team work is especially crucial in Cam Care’s working environment where quality repair, excellent customer service and timely delivery is uncompromisable.