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The digital age has seen the most phenomenal growth in the manufacturing and sales of cameras. With great increase in ownership of cameras, the demand for Digital Camera Repair, Lens Service has also grown by leaps and bounds. Furthermore, we are now also handling Home Appliance services and repair that covers most of the major brands. For more than 14 years CAM CARE DEVICE SDN BHD has been serving dealer and consumer markets providing one-stop repair solutions for a myriad of brands and models of cameras, video cameras, lenses, and home appliances.



We are using manufacturer’s standard ‘DUST- AID’ DSLR sensor cleanning products.

We’re Moved !
We are moved into our new premise at The Trillium, Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur.
It is a very accessiblelocation and the city’s next hottest business spot. Read more









NIKON 18-55mm/18-105mm/18-135mm AF motor stock arrived.

Tips on Maintaining Waterproof Camera,
Especially For Olympus user, Read more



















GOPRO 3+, 4 CCD stock available but limited.

JVC’s GS-TD1 Full HD 3D F1.2 camcorder release for the consumer market.

Panasonic Fs4, 5, 6, LS85 Lcds
Hot Item !*

Nikon L19, 20, 21 lens arrived !
low price !


Nikon lens mount for 18-55, 18-105, 18-135mm @  low price,
Moving Fast ! many stock available !*

Nikon D40/60 shutter motor many stock available.

Nikon s3000/s4000 lens arrived,

Nikon s200/s210/s220/s230 lens available, many stock !

Nikon S620 rear mode flexi available,
Hot Item !

NIkon D40, D60, D3000 Prism,
Stock available !



We are camera CCD specialist, many ccd available for Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Nikon, Canon.

Nikon P90 Optical unit and

Olympus SP590 Optical unit available.

Nikon D90 DG board available.

Canon 40D top cover and release switch assy with mode dial available.

Canon ixus 30/40/50/55 lcd available, many stock

Nikon D90 shutter SQ motor unit, Hot Selling !

We having many brands of camera spare parts in stock

Nikon S5100 lcd arrived.

Nikon S640 lcd arrived.

Nikon S3000 lcd arrived.

Olympus FE5020 zoom gear stock available.

Sigma 18-200/18-250 Aperture control flexiboard assy stock available.


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